The Ellensburg Blue Gemstone

The Ellensburg Blue is unique in the gemstone world. It has a definitive color and a one of a kind internal structure called the “turtle back.” This structure gives the stone a liveliness that rivals fine blue jade. 

Ellensburg Blue Agates

The Ellensburg Blue is extremely hard and durable. It is as hard as steel and is valued for its rarity, presence of beauty, and liveliness. This is determined and modified by color and either clarity or massing of color. The Blue was popularized by Alfred Kunz of Tiffany Jewelers in the 1920s and has enjoyed a resurgence since the early 1970s, which is when the Art of Jewelry set up shop in Ellensburg, Washington.

We specialize in anniversary jewelry, wedding rings and special occasion gifts. We feature one of a kind designs and also very limited run designs. Our work is heavy and long lasting.

We have the most beautiful collection of Ellensburg Blues in the world. All jewelry made by us comes with a certificate of authenticity.